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Our team at LMG specializes in repair and maintenance of automatic sprinkler systems for residential and commercial properties.

Best Landscaping Maintenance Services in Long Island NY

Everyone knows the key to a gorgeous home and fantastic curb appeal is a neat and well-manicured lawn. As a family-owned and operated service since 1994, LMG Landscaping has a passion for serving Long Island homeowners with a smile. We make it our mission to treat each and every yard as if it’s our own, and have years of unparalleled knowledge experience. With a degree in horticulture from Farmingdale University, LMG Landscaping does more than simply cut your grass. Our team will assess your property, develop an intricate landscape plan and provide you with a service that you simply can’t find anywhere else. Fully licensed, insured and employing a team of hard-working, expert professionals, LMG Landscaping maintains a steadfast commitment to providing you with the precision and expertise of Suffolk County’s finest landscaping service. Serving both commercial and residential properties, LMG Landscaping places our clients first. We’ll keep your lawn lush, clean, vibrant, green and totally weed-free. No matter what your landscaping needs may be, LMG Landscaping will collaborate with you to guarantee your total satisfaction. Since 1994, LMG’s father-son team has been acknowledged by homeowners all over Suffolk County as trustworthy, competent and reliable landscapers with a passion for customer service. Essentially, we take enormous pride in what we do and truly enjoy exceeding our clients’ expectations with extraordinary work and attention to detail. LMG Landscaping offers a wide variety of service plans and will work with you to find the best plan for you. Whether you want to boost your curb appeal or give your kids a place to play, we’ve got you covered. LMG Landscaping places our clients first. We’ll treat your property as if it’s our own and your satisfaction is our very highest priority.

Landscaping Maintenance Expert

Every home is different. And that’s why LMG Landscaping works hard to offer a selection of landscaping maintenance services as diverse as the homes we serve. Combining knowledge and experience with top-of-the-line equipment, our landscaping maintenance experts works hard to keep our clients’ lawns lush, healthy and stunning all year round. With beautiful results your neighbors will envy, LMG Landscaping has the resources and expertise necessary to give you the lawn you’re looking for.

Routine tasks like weed removal, trimming, fertilizing and anything else your lawn requires are all critical aspects of our lawn maintenance services. As masters of the lawn care craft, LMG will work with you every step of the way to make sure we’re meeting your needs. No matter how time-consuming or elaborate it may be, we don’t leave until the job is done to absolute perfection. As a family-owned and operated company since 1994, LMG Landscaping treats our clients’ homes as if they’re our own. At LMG Landscaping, cutting corners or halfhearted efforts are absolutely unacceptable to us. Therefore, our maintenance programs are designed to provide you with incredible results with zero stress or headache. We’ll work hard to keep your lawn in fantastic shape, and work with you to make sure you’re 100% satisfied.

Landscaping Sod
LMG Landscaping offers expert sod services for residential and commercial properties.We’ll guarantee you a perfectly lush lawn for years and years to come. Offering only the finest-quality sod on the market, LMG Landscaping has years of experience providing Suffolk County homeowners with excellent sod lawn. This includes preparing the ground, removing any vegetation, grading and application. Regardless of the necessary size or volume of sod, LMG Landscaping has got you covered. With years of experience applying sod lawns for Suffolk County homeowners, we’ll work with you to develop a foolproof lawn to give you the perfect lawn for years to come.
Landscaping Seeding
Properly seeding your lawn can be a baffling process. Countless homeowners attempt to seed their lawns themselves, only to yield little or no results. At LMG Landscaping, we have incomparable experience seeding lawns with lush, stunning results. In order to properly develop a healthy lawn you’ll love, it takes a wide variety of factors. Many homeowners believe that simply seeding and watering is all it takes. However, at LMG Landscaping we’ve spent years mastering the science of lawn growth. LMG Landscaping will work with you to guarantee your seeding results in the brilliantly green lawn you’re looking for. Taking several factors into consideration, like weather patterns, climate and the best grass for your soil, LMG Landscaping won’t stop until your lawn is the finest on the block. In addition, we’ll consult with you on a long-term lawn care plan to ensure your lawn remains healthy and vibrant for many years to come.
Landscaping Pruning & Trimming
At LMG Landscaping, we’ve spent years mastering numerous yard care services. We offer professional pruning and trimming services for both residential and commercial properties in Suffolk County. Whether your needs are cosmetic, safety or to remove obstructions, LMG Landscaping has got you covered. LMG Landscaping’s team of pros can handle any and all pruning/trimming jobs. With a careful, precise approach to your specific landscape, we also have the necessary expertise to navigate tricky terrain. When it comes to electrical wires, neighboring houses or falling debris, LMG Landscaping employs a team of experts in these circumstances. No matter what your needs may be, LMG Landscaping & Sprinkler is fully prepared to tackle your pruning and trimming needs.
Lawn Renovation
At LMG Landscaping, we can provide you with professional lawn renovation and give you a brand-new, stunning landscape. Our lawn renovation services are the smoothest, easiest way to give your lawn a total transformation. With a team of pros combining years of experience with expert precision, LMG Landscaping will deliver the lawn of your dreams with zero stress or headache. LMG Landscaping & Sprinkler is a passionate team of lawn care specialists. And we’ll collaborate with you every step of the way in order to execute your vision to perfection. If you’re looking for an expert lawn renovation, LMG Landscaping has years of experience transforming landscapes all across Suffolk County.
Very few things can be as unpleasant as a lawn that’s saturated with water. Very often, yards all over Long Island will lack the necessary drainage to keep their lawns free from excess flooding. At LMG Landscaping & Sprinkler, we provide several different drainage solutions in order to minimize water accumulation. Our team repairs gravity or pump-enforced drainage units in order to relocate the unwanted water.
Landscaping Grading
Land grading can be a very complex and intricate process. Drainage systems, buildings and utilities are all factors that need serious consideration in order to bring about a safe and effective solution. At LMG Landscaping, we combine expert professionals with industry-grade equipment to provide Long Island homeowners with flawless and painless land grading services. LMG Landscaping is your perfect choice for all land grading and excavation needs. We’ll collaborate closely with you in order to guarantee we exceed your expectations. Whether you’re restructuring, patio or other landscape features, LMG Landscaping’s team will spare you the headache and stress and treat your property like it’s our own from start to finish.
Landscape Design
As passionate lawn care specialists, LMG Landscaping & Sprinkler is a leader in the industry. With the expert ability to tailor and manicure your landscape into a stunning, vibrant design, LMG Landscaping does the finest quality work with zero stress or headache. Since 1994, our family-owned and operated team has been providing homes across Long Island with gorgeous and attractive landscape designs that can’t be found anywhere else. LMG Landscaping collaborates with our clients to develop an intricate plan in order to provide them with the landscape of their dreams. To discuss your landscape design plan and get started with our team, contact us today. Ultimately, we put our clients first and will tailor our services to meet your budget, your schedule and your needs.
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