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Our team at LMG specializes in repair and maintenance of automatic sprinkler systems for residential and commercial properties.

Sprinkler System Repair and Maintenance in Long Island NY

It’s no secret that the key to a lush, gorgeous lawn is plenty of water. However, few among us have the time to lug hoses around our yards and gardens. Many homeowners choose cheap, disposable sprinklers that usually break within weeks or over-water their lawns. Our team at LMG specializes in repair and maintenance of automatic sprinkler systems for residential and commercial properties. In addition, we take the extra measures necessary to ensure our clients receive the very best system to compliment their landscape. The selection of the right sprinkler system requires precision, strategy and calculation to guarantee your lawn flourishes to its fullest potential. At LMG, we’ve provided homes across Long Island with the perfect sprinkler systems since 1994. LMG Landscaping has a firm commitment to providing only the most high-quality sprinkler systems on the market. Our sprinklers won’t just activate smoothly and eliminate brown spots. Additionally, we keep them as eco-friendly as possible. LMG’s sprinkler systems will keep your lawn healthy, lush and vibrant while minimizing excess water use. We’re glad to offer our clients environmentally-conscious options that don’t compromise quality or performance. Essentially, LMG’s sprinkler systems will save you money, boost your curb appeal and compliment your schedule.

Best Sprinkler System Repair and Maintenance in the Town

Are you experiencing leaks, breaks or control valve issues? You might be tempted to attempt the repair yourself. However, most homeowners tend to regret this decision very quickly. Usually, attempts at do-it-yourself sprinkler repairs wind up costing a lot more time and money in the long run. When it comes to sprinkler systems, repairs are best left to the professionals. At LMG Landscaping & Sprinkler, our team has years of experience saving Suffolk County residents time and money by swiftly resolving their technical issues. LMG’s sprinkler system repair services are the most reliable way to eliminate problems with zero stress. LMG Landscaping & Sprinkler employs a team of expert technicians fully qualified help you with any of your sprinkler needs. Our techs use a combination of professional grade equipment, years of experience and expert knowledge. Essentially, we’ll quickly replace any broken heads, sensors, fix leaks and resolve whatever your issue may be. Most importantly: we’ll do everything with you, your budget, your schedule and your needs as our primary focus.

Sprinkler Openings

Obviously, we don’t need our sprinkler systems during the winter. Throughout the frigid winter months, our sprinklers are on hiatus. Therefore, when the days start getting longer and the temperature rises, it’s time to reactivate them for the spring. However, reopening your sprinkler system requires professional finesse in order to prevent “water hammers,” shock waves that come from abrupt changes in water flow. Water hammers can have damaging effects on your sprinkler system and lead to costly disrepair. Burst fittings, busted sprinkler heads, and more can all be avoided by simply calling LMG Landscaping to open your system for you. At LMG Landscaping, we’re experts on the internal mechanics of sprinkler systems. Our team will take care of the activation for you while maintaining stable water pressure and ensuring optimal performance. With LMG’s sprinkler opening services, you’ll be able to save money, prevent costly issues and guarantee your sprinklers function to maximum capacity all summer.

Sprinkler Closings

Just like sprinkler opening, preparing your system for the winter is an equally important task. When temperatures drop in the fall, it’s time to winterize your system. In order to properly fortify your sprinkler and guarantee smooth reactivation in the spring, the experts at LMG will manage it for you. This procedure should be done (at the very latest) a week before the first freeze of the season. Following a proven step-by-step process, LMG’s expert technicians will adjust each of the necessary factors to guarantee your sprinklers’ protection against harsh winter conditions. LMG Landscaping’s sprinkler closing techniques protect each and every one of your sprinkler system’s components. By insulating valves, shutting down water flow, draining pipes and winterizing backflow preventers, LMG Landscaping is the surest way to keep your sprinkler system in optimal shape.

WiFi Clocks

Now, LMG can provide you with a flawless sprinkler system and the easiest, most convenient way to operate it! With our selection of wifi clocks, you’ll be able to automatically create a precise watering schedule for your sprinklers. This means lower water bills, a schedule you manage via app, and a beautiful, vibrantly green yard. With our wifi clocks, you can control your sprinkler system from absolutely anywhere, activating or deactivating it as needed. Run your sprinklers, manage water use, view schedules and more based on the specific needs of you and your lawn. Test each watering zone individually with user-friendly software and make any adjustments, whenever you need to. You’ll even be able to deactivate your system on rainy days when it’s not needed! With LMG, we offer several options for you to choose from. LMG’s sprinkler wifi clocks will introduce you to the future of smart home management.

Double Check Valves

Double check valves, also known as “backflow preventers,” are the best way to keep your water supplies free from contamination.The valves in many home sprinkler systems often aren’t enough to prevent this contamination alone. They can break or leak, and without a double-check valve, potentially toxic water can find its way into your water supply. In addition, if yours is malfunctioning, we can send our expert techs over to repair it as quickly as possible. Eliminate the headache, the hazard and the stress by calling on LMG to keep your double-check valve fully functional.
Maintenance Contracts
For total, year-round sprinkler protection, LMG’s maintenance contracts are your ultimate solution. With flexible options and custom repair plans, LMG Landscaping & Sprinkler instantly dispatches expert technicians to any home or office in need of sprinkler assistance. Our maintenance contracts aren’t just the simplest way to keep your systems operational, they’re also the surest way to save you money. With LMG’s maintenance plans, you’ll receive the benefits of reduced rates, instant repairs and unparalleled customer service. Whether you’re in need of parts opening or winterizing, LMG Landscaping & Sprinkler’s maintenance plans will keep your sprinklers functioning to absolute perfection. All you have to do is pick up the phone and give us a call, and we’ll instantly send over one of our expert techs to help you out. LMG’s maintenance plans will save you stress, headaches, and hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars a year!
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